About us

About us
Our company begins its history from July 2017, when it was developed and registered by our founder - Justin Hance and his team. Our company has come a long way from a simple exchange platform to a complex mechanism, which works smoothly. We have changed the perception of many people about cryptocurrency and its use. We introduced lots of interesting and useful technologies, which are helping us to protect your funds, and helping you to invest your funds with maximum benefit. World's first we created system, which helps you to buy, sell, transfer your funds inside our exchange in few seconds, you don't need to wait blockchain confirmation any more. In our Exchange your funds This one, and lots of another features makes trading in Exchange very comfortable, useful and profitable. After making a deposit, your funds constantly are stored on the permanent wallet, no matter what manipulations you do with them. They are assigned to you in the internal system of our site, so you shouldn't pay a commission on the blockchain network during transfer, trading and other transactions. We are interested in cryptocurrencies and we believe they will change the world and become the main currency in the future. We believe that cryptocurrencies will continue to grow and develop tirelessly, so we offer to invest in them right now, because even a very small investment changes the world.


Our developer was really interested in cryptocurrencies. At this time he realised, that he want to create the best platform for trading and cryptocurrency storage.

May 2016

Team gathering

Developer started collecting the team to make his vision come true.

June 2016

Work started

Developer with his friends started their huge work in creating platform.

August 2016

We have opened

The Bitcbubble Exchange was officially registered as a platform for trading and storage of cryptocurrency.

July 2017

Bitcbubble codes

Bitcbubble codes section has been created.

March 2018


A verification procedure was introduced.

December 2018

Binary options

Binary options have been added to the trading section.

January 2019

Our office located in Singapore

50 Raffles Pl, Singapore Land Tower